On Shooting Film

Every year, I offer a limited amount of 1 -on- 1 workshops with the proposition of shooting film full time in the wedding and editorial world. Focusing primarily on gaining knowledge of film, we will start with an in-depth  portfolio review, looking for your strengths and opportunities for improvement. There will also be a step-by-step instruction of film cameras, film formats and their roles in different areas of work and light. You will then shoot a wedding inspired editorial along side me with explanations of the tips and tricks of all parts of a wedding day that I have learned throughout the years. Please contact me for availability and pricing.


On Shooting Film
Workshops geared to learning all things film. As a group, we will cover everything from the functions of film cameras to the film itself. Topics will include finding and seeing light, metering in all lighting situations, learning the basics of shooting manually, loading film and which films work best in different lighting conditions. The workshop will also include a beautifully styled shoot designed by the best artists in the wedding industry. During this time, we will work with our subjects and concentrate on posing and my techniques for getting a natural look with couples. This will also be a time that we look at shooting details and getting the images that editors are looking for. All images taken by attendees can be used to help build portfolios. Please contact me for dates, details, locations and pricing.


Wedding Day Workshops
My wedding day workshops are designed to bring knowledge of every part of the wedding day when shooting film. Shoot beside me as we use the proper film and techniques for getting ready, family, portraits and reception scenes. Instruction and reasoning behind working with all types of light. Middle of the day, indoor window and low light receptions will all be utilized. We will also review how to handle film during the day. This is as hands-on as it gets and all questions are welcomed during the day.