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Visual memories of muted and minimal landscapes are what shape my photography today.


Among Joshua Trees, brush and dry earth sits a unique little church. In what can be called the middle of nowhere, under endless sky, people still gather every Saturday. The pastor who is as unique as the place itself gave me the full history. Of the most intriguing pieces of info was that this was the first wedding performed here. People from all over the world come to take a picture of this box with an early Texas look. If you have ever seen the movie, it should be instantly recognizable.

To be the first to capture a couple being married is great. Whats cooler is that Brenda and Hajo can claim rights as the first couple to be married there. According to the pastor, more and more people are booking their big day here from all over the world.  Up next is a couple from France. A piece of cult classic memorabilia.

There is nothing more beautiful than the desert.


Kill Bill Church Wedding